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Many other services assign a monthly usage fee whether your company places an order or not–we dont do that! Its free to join! We also do not require minimum monthly purchases to get our corporate rates! YOU SIMPLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE and our rates are LOWER than anyone else in the industry! It doesnt matter if you send us one order per month or a thousand, you qualify!


Our turnaround times are faster than most and our services are unsurpassed! You get a lower rate, faster turnaround time and have your request handled by a licensed private investigator instead of a computer!


There are no contracts required. Our service is our contract. We will not lock you into a period of time where you have to pay us for services you are unhappy with! We want to keep your business by keeping you happy with our services!


We certify that all of our services are FCRA (Fair Credit Report Act) compliant and are considered as “Public Document Searches.”


Quality Assurance

All of our searches are conducted by licensed private detectives who are trained to triple check the validity of each search result prior to sending the information to the client. This is done by name, date of birth and social security number comparisons as to ensure that our clients only receive pertinent information about their search subject.

Agency Information

Ballard Investigations Inc.
P.O. Box 2184
Inverness, FL 34452-2184

Video Surveillance

background searchesVideo is a very powerful tool when it comes to acquiring evidence or proof or just easing your own mind. Video surveillance is often used to determine marital infedelity, gather information in child custody cases and to verify the extent of an insurance claim. For more information go here:Video surveillance

Investigative Services

publlic recordsSurveillance rates are based on an 8 hour day and include all expenses with no hidden cost. Rates valid for FL, GA and AL only which can be seen here: Investigative Services. Please call 888-801-9870 for other state rates.

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