About Ballard Investigations

We specialize in Video Surveillance, Criminal Defense, Insurance Cases, Database Research, Child Custody and Marital Infidelity cases. All of our Database search orders are completed by licensed Private Detectives who access our Extensive National Database Network on a case by case basis.

Our Investigative staff understand the science behind database research and efficiently conduct searches on your behalf. Our investigative experts combine data from millions of different sources creating the most comprehensive collection of information about both individuals and businesses throughout the entire US and US territories. Our databases  is updated every 24 hours to ensure that only the most up to date and accurate information is returned in our search results.

Our field Investigators are equipped with state of the art covert surveillance equipment and are required to have a minimum of ten years of related experience prior to gaining employment with our company. All video surveillance is obtained in a professional manner and in anticipation of litigation. All of our investigative staff are well trained in courtroom demeanor in addition to video and mobile surveillance tactics.

We have experience as court appointed investigators on cases ranging from traffic and accident investigation to serious criminal investigation, including Capital Murder and Death Penalty cases. We also have worked witrh major law firms such as Cameron, Hodges, Coleman, LaPointe & Wright, Charles Holloman, P.A., Alavi, Bird and Pozzuto,
in addition to insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm, AIG, Lumberman’s Underwriting Alliance, AmComp/Pinacle Benefits, as well as other investigative insurance claims and insurance fraud companies.