Undertanding FCRA

Understanding the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides regulation around who and when information about you can be utilized. Generally speaking, when an employment, credit, or tenant screening decision is being made about you the entity receiving your information must provide you with two things 1) notice that they will be accessing your public or private record information 2) disclosure on where they received this information from if an adverse decision is made. Entities that provide this information to employers, landlords, or mortgage brokers amongst others are known as Consumer Reporting Agencies or CRAs.

According to the laws of the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA), CheckRecords IS NOT a consumer reporting agency. This means there a number of restrictions in the way you can use CheckRecords. Below is just a brief summary of some of these restrictions. We encourage you to educate yourself on the FCRA. CheckRecords was built for the everyday consumer to have the same access to this information, both to lookup themselves and others, that Consumer Reporting Agencies have been providing to companies for years.

You ARE restricted from using CheckRecords for:

Employment Screening
You may not use CheckRecords when evaluating a person for employment, reassignment, promotion, or retention

Hiring of Household Workers
Including, but not limited to, nannies and domestic workers

Tenant Screening
Including, but not limited to, leasing a residential or commercial space

Educational Qualification
Including, but not limited to, a person’s qualifications for an educational program or scholarship

Credit or Insurance
Assesssing the risk of existing credit obligations of an individual
Determining eligibility for issuing credit or insurance

Business Transactions Initiated by an Individual Customer

Reviewing a personal customer account to determine whether the person continues to meet the terms of the account

We  reserve the right to terminate user accounts and/or report violators to law enforcement as appropriate for any prohibited usage of this site.