Background Checks

We offer our flagship CheckRecords Background Check here for just $49.95 or you can order one of our CheckRecords Background Check Bundles here!

Actual Humans

We have real humans check multiple databases keeping the human element involved in the background check process. using experienced "AI" to cross-reference what other sites can't.

Background Check Bundles

Our background checks are the most comprehensive in the business and we offer background check bundles that have a cross-section of a number of our other checks we offer individually below.

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No Pretend Progress Bars Here

Other sites actually pretend to be processing your request with fake progress bars and then make you pay more after waiting! We offer real background checks, even ones that require FCRA authorizations! We are the real deal.

Order A La Carte Checks Below:

Below you may pick and choose what checks you want done on someone "a la carte" if our background bundles do not meet your needs. 

Individual Criminal Record Checks

We provide federal criminal (felony) checks for the last 7 and 10 years.

Federal Criminal Records Check

Screening someone for employment or tenancy?

National Criminal Records Check

State Criminal Record Check

We provide county criminal checks for the last 7 and 10 years

County Criminal Record Checks

Vehicle Record Checks

Get license tag information

Vehicle Tag Check

Check VIN number of any vechicle

VIN Check

Vehicle Registration Check

Vehicle registration check

License or Permit checks

Check driver license info.

Driver License Check

Check driving history of subject.

Driver History Check

Check to make sure that contractor you hired is legit and you are not being scammed!

Occupational License Check

DEA Controlled Substance Registration Check. Be sure things are legit.

DEA Check

Check to see if a company you are working with is complying with Patriot Act.

Patriot Act Compliance Check

Check firearms / explosives permits.

Federal Firearms/Explosives Check

Check to see if someone has permit.

Concealed Carry Check

Check hunting or fishing license.

Hunting and Fishing License Check

Determine if an FAA Certification is valid.

FAA Pilot License Check

Asset Checks

Assets Check

Property Assessment Check

Property Deed Check

Financial Checks

Liens & Judgements Check

Bankruptcy Records Check

Foreclosure Records Check


business checks

Corporate Filings Check

Business Records Check

Patriot Act Compliance Check

Comprehensive Business Check

Relationship Checks

Death Claims Check

Divorce Records Check

Marriage Records Check