Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?
To Save Time and Money!

Don’t Be Cheated By Other Sites!
With every order that you place you are actually hiring a real private detective to locate the information that you are seeking. All of our search products are conducted by licensed private detectives who access our Extensive National Database Network on a case by case basis. Most of these records can be reviewed in a matter of seconds with the use of National Databases that compile county level, state level and federal level records. Many vendors who claim to have National Databases do not update their sources regularly enough to generate accurate and reliable information. Our National Database are updated daily to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information that we provide to our clientele. The more accurate the search criteria you provide, the higher the likelihood that we will find the individual results that you are looking for. We then provide a report to you with our findings via the email address that you provide when the order is placed.

These are professional services offered by professionals in the industry. If a heart surgeon provided you with an instruction manual on how to perform open heart surgery on yourself you would probably not even consider it for obvious reasons. There are a lot of so called “Do it Yourself” websites out there that claim to provide you with all of the tools necessary to conduct your own investigations and locate the records you are seeking without any kind of professional help whatsoever.
Please don’t take the bait!
Doing background checks is an art form and there really is a science behind it. At CheckRecords.com our Investigative staff understand the science behind database research and efficiently conduct searches on your behalf. Our investigative experts combine data from billions of different sources creating the most comprehensive collection of information about people throughout the entire United States of America.

Although some of the data that we provide is publicly available, to gather it yourself would be expensive and very time consuming. Moreover, while the information may be publicly available, it is not contained in any one specific location or database. Information is collected and stored on three different levels: County Level, State Level and Federal Level. If you were to add every possible record that exist at each of these levels together then multiply that number by the number of people who reside within the U.S. you would arrive at a sum that would equal billions and billions of total records to be searched. If this was needed to be done in person the average person would not live long enough to complete a single search on any one individual. The good news is that most of these records can be reviewed in a matter of seconds with the use of National Databases that compile county level, state level and federal level records.

CheckRecords.com has a premium database that has compiled information into one location – making it easier for us to access this information and provide that information to you as the consumer. Every order received by CheckRecords.com is completed by a licensed private detective that understands the many ways to search for something in order to achieve the desired result.

Having an investigator who is familiar with search procedures sometimes can make all the difference in the world. And it is important to remember that instant information is not always accurate information or even the information that was desired in the first place. We are real private detectives serving end users on a case by case basis and produce the desired results for some of the lowest rates in the industry!