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Asset searches can be used as a valuable tool in both pre and post litigation. For example, before spending thousands of dollars to hire an attorney to file a lawsuit on your behalf it would be wise to first run an asset search on the person(s) or business in order to determine the ownership of anything of value. Remember... "If there is nothing to obtain there is nothing to gain!!!" If after reviewing the asset search it can be reasonably established that the intended target of the lawsuit has nothing of value then it is probably not worth pursuing and you can prevent even greater losses by not spending even more money on an investment that is not collectible.

It is important to realize that even if a lawsuit is won in a court of law most courts will only provide the judgement against the other party while leaving it completely up to you to locate the assets and provide information to the appropriate officials in order for them to order seizure and/or garnishment. Many individuals hide assets to preclude paying judgments rendered against them which is why you will want to know where the assets can be found!

Under most circumstances we can find  motor vehicles, merchant vessels, FAA Aircraft, Corporate Affiliations and property throughout the United States and in some cases, we may be able to trace funds to overseas or "off-shore" bank deposits.