Vehicle Tag Check

Vehicle Tag Check

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The vehicle tag check was designed to identify the owner and address of a particular vehicle by entering the tag number and state of origin into the search criteria. Results will include: The owners name, address, vin #, tag # lien holders information as well as the color, make, model and year of the vehicle in question.
Record Type
Lien Holder Name
Lien Holder Address
Lien Date
Owner(s) Name
Owner(s) Address
Owner(s) County
Owner(s) Driver License #
Owner(s) Date of Birth
Owner(s) Sex
Owner(s) Age
Owner(s) SSN

Registrant (s) Name
Registrant (s) Address
Registrant (s) County
Registrant (s) Driver License #
Registrant (s) Date of Birth
Registrant (s) Sex
Registrant (s) Age
Registrant (s) SSN

Vehicle Engine
Vehicle Use
Vehicle Mileage
Vehicle Description

Title Number
Title Date
Title Status
Decal Date
Expiration Date
Registration Status